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Hot Springs Distilling LLC. was established in the summer of 2018.  However the distillery's roots can be traced back to a father and son trip in 2013.  That year our founders were able to tour a number of distilleries in Scotland.  Learning first hand about the traditions and history of the Scotch industry was an inspiring experience. 

After returning home, our founders started visiting every distillery they could.  From large producers in Kentucky to small craft producers across the United States.  The insights gained from this research has helped Hot Springs Distilling craft our approach to making spirits.

The Hot Springs Distilling philosophy takes the best practices of some of the more well known whiskey brands and alcohol production techniques from around the world, and combines them in a unique way.  Using our small size as an advantage we are attempting to create multiple whiskeys with a unique spin on classic American Spirits.

We hope to see you soon so that we can share our love of Bourbon, Rye, and all our favorite whiskey types.



The first of our father son pair of founders, Keith has done a lot of interesting jobs in his life.  From repairing radios for the USAF in Vietnam, working as a CPA, serving as the Chief Academic Officer of a regional university to now acting as the General Manager of Hot Springs Distilling LLC.  His duties include everything that is required in operating a distillery, including making cocktails, distilling, and the nonstop cleaning required in a distillery.

Keith has visited over one hundred operating distilleries, and taken many tasting and distilling courses and seminars.  The range of techniques and philosophies employed in aging spirits is what keeps Keith excited about Hot Springs Distilling, LLC. 



From working in orchards, to writing software; Scott has done many things over the years.  Whiskey became his focus after years of study and research.  Now being the head distiller at Hot Springs Distilling LLC lets Scott practice both the Science and Art of crafting spirits.

The variety of flavors and philosophies that go into making our various spirits keep Scott working and experimenting.  He strives to make each sip, dram, or pour of our Hot Springs Distilling a great experience for everyone.

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